3 steps to writing engaging post titles every time

When you’re scrolling through Pinterest or Bloglovin’ or Facebook, what it the one thing that catches your eye and causes you to click on a link? I’m guessing it’s the post or page title. Writing a captivating blog post title is the most important step to engaging with your audience and pulling them in to read more. Today, I’m sharing my 3-step process for writing engaging post titles every time.

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Your amazing blog post will get far less traffic without an engaging and magnetic post title. A post title is the thing that draws readers in and gets them to click through to your blog. So what makes a post title engaging and how can you use the same principles to write one every time?

Let me tell you!

My favorite place to start is Pinterest. Type in a subject in the search bar (like growing Twitter followers, building your email list, etc.) and hit “search”. Scroll through all the search results and make a list of the pins you would either repin or click through to view the article.

What does each of these pins’ post titles have in common? Why did they peak your interest? What made you choose those pins over all the others?

There are a few key factors that go into writing an engaging post title that will stand out among the rest.

1. Leave a question in the reader’s mind

The first step to writing engaging post titles is to think of something that will leave a question in the reader’s mind after reading it. Can you phrase your title in a way that leaves out the subject of the post? For example, if you’re writing a post about social media strategies a great post title would be “The one thing your business can’t live without”. This immediately creates a question and curiosity in the reader’s mind. They want to know, “what is the one thing my business can’t live without?” and then click through to your post to find out!

2. Make it about the reader

No matter what the subject of your blog post is, make the title about the reader. Readers will only click through if they believe the post will benefit them in some way. Let’s use the same post subject I used above. I could have titled the post “The one thing I realized my business can’t live without”. But suggests that the post is about me and my business. Instead, I used the title “The one thing your business can’t live without”. It immediately calls the reader out and lets them know that this post is about them and for them.

3. Use searchable keywords

Step three to writing engaging post titles is to make sure to include searchable keywords. After you’ve determined the subject of your post, select a keyword or phrase that can be used multiple times throughout your post. Use this same keyword or phrase at the very beginning of your post title. Search engines place value on the post or page title. If your keyword is in the title, search engines will rank your post higher on search results pages.

Keyword Pro Tip – Use a keyword finder like UberSuggest to search your potential keyword or phrase. Pay attention to the volume and competition of your keyword. If your keyword has a high volume and high level of competition, take a look at other similar keyword suggestions that have a lower volume and lower level of competition.

Ready for step 4? Download my go-to post title formula and engaging post title cheat sheet!

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Writing engaging post titles, blogging tips, writing blog post titles, creative blog post titles, blogging, blogger, content creation

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