The Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Like so many of you, blogging is one of my favorite hobbies. And since creating a WordPress blog, I’ve been able to take advantage of some of the best WordPress plugins for bloggers to optimize the functionalities available on my blog.

Best WordPress plugins for bloggers, blogging plugins, WordPress, blogging tips, website tips

From design, to functionality, to the reader’s experience, these plugins have taken my blog to a completely new level.

So are you ready to step up your blog game with some of the best WordPress plugins for bloggers?

1. Related Posts

This is one of my favorite plugins for my blog! One of the most important things to include in a post is a clear Call to Action for your readers. You need to give them a place to go next. The Related Posts plugin inserts a grid at the bottom of each post with similar articles that your reader may want to take a look at next. This is a great, simple way to be sure there’s always a Call to Action on every post. The Related Posts plugin is definitely one of the best WordPress plugins for bloggers!

2. Add-to-Any Share Buttons

Another must for your blog posts is having social shares at the bottom of each post. This encourages readers to share your post on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Some WordPress themes have social sharing buttons built in. However, if yours does not, the Add-to-Any Share Buttons plugin is a great alternative!

3. Simple Social Icons

It is a good idea to have your social channels visible on your blog somewhere. This encourages readers to check out your social media pages and follow along on various platforms. The Simple Social Icons plugin is an easy way to add clean and minimal social icons to your sidebar, navigation menu or footer that link to your social media pages!

4. Captcha by BestWebSoft

I’ve mentioned this before, but a captcha plugin is a MUST if you want to allow readers to leave comments on your posts. Without a captcha, it is so easy to get spam comments cluttering your comment inbox. I speak from experience. Before adding this plugin, I had 72,000 spam comments come through – 72 THOUSAND!!!

5. Yoast

This is another total MUST DOWNLOAD plugin! Yoast helps you keep track of your SEO score and Readability score for each post you write and publish. It’s SO helpful to know exactly what your keywords are and how you can structure your posts for maximum search engine optimization.

Installing these plugins on my WordPress blog was a huge game changer! It has made the way I blog so much more efficient and effective. Take advantage of these incredible free plugins so that you too can up your blog game!

Are there other blogging plugins that you love? Leave them in the comments below, I’d love to hear!

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Best WordPress plugins for bloggers, blogging plugins, WordPress, blogging tips, website tips

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