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Branded Blogger


need branding? Why does your blog

Blogs are like books - if you want to be read, you gotta look the coolest on the shelf.

The colors, fonts & design aesthetic you use will capture the attention of your ideal reader. The visual elements of your blog will be what separates you from the rest and leaves your readers inspired and coming back for more.

Give your blog the personality it deserves with some one-of-a-kind custom branding.

Before working with Ariel my blog felt flat, cheesy, and unprofessional. It communicated "don't take me seriously" and that made me embarrassed and insecure. Ariel helped me find what I was missing from my online presence and helped capture my personality in a blog. My statistics in 6 months doubled what they were over the course of 4 years. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Now I'm proud for people to see my blog, not embarrassed.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ What's included in the Branded Blogger package?

The Branded Blogger package includes 5 signature branding assignments, a custom moodboard, 3 logo concepts, 3 final logo versions, custom color & font palettes, all included font files, 3 customizable social media templates.

+ How long is the Branded Blogger process?

Depending on our availability, the Branded Blogger process can take between 2-3 weeks. You'll start by completing a series of signature branding assignments. From there, we'll put together a design aesthetic with a custom moodboard, giving us your font and color palettes. Next, based on your branding assignments, we'll design three different logo concepts for you to choose from (with room for revisions). Using your new branding, we'll design 3 branded social media templates that you can customize based on your marketing needs.

+ Does this package include a new blog design?

The Branded Blogger package does not include a new blog design. This package includes the tools you need to create a cohesive design aesthetic for your blog or business. It will give you the foundation to build a blog that is branded, professional and set up for success and long-term growth.

+ Who is the Branded Blogger package for?

The Branded Blogger package is for the blogger (or business owner) who is ready to take their online presence seriously. They want to grow a following and monetize their blog. They aren't quite sure what the next step is and aren't ready for a full blog or website makeover. This package will give them the foundation they need to be taken seriously as a blogger or online business owner.

+ How are payments made?

For this package, we require 50% up front to reserve your spot on our calendar. The remaining 50% will be paid prior to brand delivery. Payments can be made via PayPal.

+ What do I need to get started?

Nothing! You don't even need to have a blog. This is for the blogger who is ready to jump in on another level. All you need is an idea and we'll give you all the tools you need to turn it into a real-life platform for blogging success.

+ Can I upgrade to another package in the future?

Yes! If you choose to upgrade to a blog design package in the future, we will apply a $500 credit to future costs.

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