Kim Vollendorf Styled Shoot

Kim Vollendorf Styled Shoot



Content creation is a new service I started offering this year. A styled shoot is currently included in all custom web design packages, as well as offered a la carte.

Styled shoots have quickly become one of my favorite ways to work. The creative process of planning and executing a shoot is both inspiring and rewarding. It’s so fun to create and deliver beautiful, branded images for clients to use on their website and social media platforms.



Kim Vollendforf Styled Shoot, content creation



This particular styled shoot was part of the custom web design I did for author, Kim Vollendorf. Her branding included neutral colors with minimal, artistic design elements. For the shoot, I wanted to include lots of soft florals and small beautifully packaged vanity items. Each prop gave a little piece of insight and importance to the overall message of her book and brand.



Kim Vollendorf Styled Shoot, content creation



Good imagery can HUGELY uplevel your branding. If you’re not ready to invest in custom web design, branded, beautiful content is a great place to start as you’re building your brand.

What kind of imagery speaks most to your brand?


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