Makeover Your Blog: 10 ways to take your blog from BLAND to BRILLIANT

Before I started blogging, I had no marketing strategy, no engaged audience and nothing to attract potential clients to my site. However, I quickly realized that blogging one of the best tools for building and growing my online business. But what makes a blog stand out among the rest? Blogging is a HUGE industry and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the process. There are, however, a few simple things you can do to makeover your blog into a place that your audience is obsessed with.

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Without further ado, let’s jump into 10 things you can do right now to take your blog from bland to brilliant!

1. Create a kick-ass freebie for your audience

As soon as someone lands on your blog, give them a free gift! Because who doesn’t love free gifts?? This is a great way to offer your reader something for free, grab their attention & begin to build trust. Your freebie should be something of value that will relieve a pain point or offer support in an area their struggling with.

How do you know what they’re struggling with? Study your audience! Who are the people that are most likely to click through to your blog? Why did they click through to your blog? Find out everything there is to know about them and their questions, frustrations & desires. That way, when you offer them your free gift, it will be exactly what they’ve been looking for, making you their new go-to expert.

Pro tip – ask for their email address in exchange for your freebie! That way, you can start building your email list and nurturing a relationship with your readers on a more personal level.

2. Use a bright color to get your readers’ attention

Choose one vibrant, bright color and make this part of your branding. A bright color is a great way to highlight important announcements, offers and content upgrades to your readers. Bright colors are in-your-face and hard to miss. So if there are things on your blog you want to be sure readers are seeing, put it in a bright, bold color.

Pro tip – Use the same bright color consistently. This will help readers identify that color with you and your blog. That color can begin to establish consistency and branding with your audience, so don’t confuse them by using a new bold color in every post.

3. Use a distinguished author voice

Engage with your readers by using an authentic and distinct voice in your writing. Readers want to feel like they’re talking to a real human being. So let your personality shine through your writing! This will help your readers feel like they know you on a deeper level, establishing a higher level of trust. Use this same voice in your emails, social media posts and anything you’re sharing with your audience. Your personality is your brand. Capitalize on it and start building relationships!

4. Rearrange your blog’s primary navigation menu

As soon as someone lands on your blog, you want to create the best possible experience for them. This includes making it clear and easy for them to navigate around your blog. A simple way to do this is by organizing your blog’s primary navigation menu. Select 4 of the most important pages on your blog (including a contact page) and put those in your primary navigation menu. You don’t want to overwhelm your reader with 10 different options of where to go and what to read. Keep it simple and make it easy to find the most important areas of your blog.

Pro tip – If you’re not sure what pages should go here, a good place to start is by having a link to your HOME, ABOUT, SERVICES/WORK TOGETHER & CONTACT pages.

5. Build a sidebar and fill it with important Calls to Actions

I think it’s so crazy when I see bloggers eliminate their sidebar. Your sidebar is one of the most valuable pieces of real estate on your blog. The reader literally looks at it the entire time they are reading your posts. So why wouldn’t your want to have another place to put important information you want readers to see?? Fill your sidebar with great Call to Actions (or CTA’s). These are intriguing buttons and links that give the reader somewhere to go next. This could be a list of your most popular or related posts, your social media accounts or buttons to other pages on your blog.

Pro tip – Use images in your sidebar! People connect with images and are far more likely to click on an image than a line of text.

6. Add multiple ways for readers to share you posts

Want to get even more readers to your blog? Give readers several ways to share your posts to their social media channels! An easy way to do this is to create and include in your posts a graphic with your engaging post title and invite readers to pin it! Anther great social sharing tool is Sumo. This is a free tool that allows you to put social sharing icons and prompts in various places throughout your blog.

Every time a reader shares your post, their entire audience is seeing it. That’s some serious exponential traffic headed your way!

7. Create a stress-free content creation plan

The stress of writing consistent post content is an easy way to get overwhelmed and give up entirely. So set a goal for your blog and create a plan to reach that goal! Just because someone else publishes a new post every day doesn’t mean you need to. Quality is far more important than quantity. So decide how many quality posts a week you can realistically commit to writing. Maybe it’s just one to start. That’s ok. But commit to that one and post consistently, every week on the same day. Your readers want to know that they can count on you.

Once you’ve determined how many posts a week you can publish, create a content creation plan. I like to map out my posts one month at a time. So if you’re committed to one post a week, brainstorm 4 different post topics for that given month. Then, set aside some time before the month to write and schedule out each post. Automation is key to eliminating stress from the content creation process.

8. Use beautiful & branded images in every single post

Readers retain 60% more information if there is an image associated with it. So be sure to include at least one image in every blog post. You also want to make sure that every image you use has a similar vibe and color scheme to continue to reinforce your blog’s branding.

You can take photos yourself, use good stock images or do a combination of both. You can check out a great list of my favorite stock photo resources here.

9. Give readers something to do next

Search engines keep track of how long any given reader stays on your site. So, in order to get higher search engine rankings, you want to keep people on your site for as long as possible. You need to give readers somewhere to go or something to do after they’ve finished reading your post. I like to include a simple grid of related posts at the bottom of each of my blog posts. You could also invite them to sign-up for your newsletter or offer them a content upgrade. Content upgrades are additional valuable pieces of information relating to your post that readers can obtain for free by entering their name and email address. Content upgrades are a great way to offer more value to your readers, establish yourself as an expert on that particular topic and build your email list.

10. Choose one social media platform and learn everything there is to know about it

I’m sure you know that social media is an ideal place to promote your blog because it’s FREE. But there are so many different social media platforms available and it can be overwhelming to try and master them all. In order to optimize social media for marketing purposes, choose one social media platform that you’re already fairly familiar with and become an expert on that platform. You’ll quickly learn the best ways to optimize that platform for building traffic and consistent readership.

Want to learn even more ways to makeover your blog into a place that you and your readers love?

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Makeover your blog, blog makeover, blogging tips, start a blog, building a blog, growing a blog

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