The #1 worst thing you can do for your business

This is a topic that I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about over these last few months. And based on the destruction it’s caused in my own life and business, I believe it to be the #1 worst thing you can do for your business.

The absolute #1 worst thing you can do for your business is to compare yourself to others in your niche.

Too often I spend my days working really hard on a project for my business, only to feel defeated at the end of the day because I stumbled across someone else who is doing it better. And yes, someone else may be doing what you’re doing, but that will always be the case. However, it will never discredit the hard work you’ve done and the progress you’ve made.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when a case of the comparisons sets in…

What did you accomplish today?

It can be so overwhelming to look at other people’s progress and accomplishments and diminish our own. But whatever you accomplished today is significant. It pushed you a little closer to your goals and added a little more value to your experience and business as a whole. What you were able to accomplish today matters, even if it feels like it’s not as much as you perceived someone else accomplished.

Did you learn something today that you didn’t know yesterday?

Chances are, you did. And every single thing you learn brings you one step closer to success. Everything we’ve accomplished and everything we’ve succeeded in is just an accumulation of a bunch of lessons and failures and finally getting it right. If you look at someone else’s success, remember all the things they had to learn to get to where they are.

The worst thing you can do for your business is to compare yourself to those around you. Because it’s not a parallel comparison. You are in a completely different place than the person you are comparing yourself to. Think about the person who is comparing themselves to you. What would you tell that person? TO STOP! Because you’re on a journey, just like they are. And just because you left a little earlier than they did, doesn’t mean they won’t make it.

Unfortunately, it is very easy to start comparing. So in order to combat the world of negativity around us, I challenge you to put into practice these three exercises.

1. Limit your time on social media

For me, social media is the ultimate thief of joy in my business. As soon as I hop on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest I see thousands of other amazing, ambitious women and start to doubt my own efforts and achievements. I do use social media in my day-to-day business tasks, however, I try to limit myself to the amount of time I’m just scrolling and stalking. On the days I’ve had very little contact with social media, I’m able to focus on the tasks at hand and feel really good about accomplishing them.

2. Remember where you are and where you’ve come from

Don’t forget to remember where you were a month, a year, even two years ago! Two years ago, I was working at a corporate job, hating my life. And now, I own my own business, work from home, set my own schedule and am pursuing the things I’m passionate about. I’d say that’s a HUGE accomplishment. I may not be at the same place my competitors are. But that doesn’t matter. Because I’ve come a long way. And I still have a long way to go. Remember that you have accomplished so much already and will continue to grow your business in your own timing and way.

3. Set goals for your business

Recently, I’ve realized that I LOVE goal setting. It is such a great way to keep track of your growth. Your goals are your goals. Other people’s goals aren’t your goals. So focus on your own goals. And by achieving them, you’ll have been successful! Remember that your success looks completely different than the person next to you.

Comparing yourself to those around you is the absolute worst thing you can do for your business. So build a thriving and limitless business by allowing yourself the freedom to stop comparing. It’s doing you no good and only hindering your growth and confidence.

The fact that you’re pursuing a life that you love is AMAZING. And taking the courageous leap to own your business already sets you apart from 90% of the world. Keep moving and doing and shaking the world’s definition of normal. I can’t wait to see where life takes you!


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