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You want a cool, custom website. A website you are DYING to hit "go live" on and watch the compliments roll in. But you're not a website designer, nor can you afford one. And you're tired of endless nights on Pinterest, wading through a sea of website templates that just feel "meh" - perfectly fine for someone else, but not you.

We know exactly how you feel. Which is why we decided enough is enough. You deserve options that feel like you. Our curated collection of high quality, designer-made templates means you never have to settle for boring again.

Simply choose a template from one of our hand selected, world-class designers. We'll show you how to install your new template in (literally) seconds and add your own photos & content.

The website of your dreams is just a click away. Shop our templates & launch a website as creative as you.

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Explore our curated collection of unique, designer-level Showit templates & start dreaming about what’s possible.

Every template purchase includes membership to The Lab (COMING SOON!) where you can access educational resources on making your template look unique & on brand. 

Launch a website that’s as creative as you so you can stand out, be different & start rising to the top of your industry.

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No need to waste your time sorting through hundreds of not-so-great website templates. We've created the first ever curated website template marketplace with some of our favorite top-notch designers from around the globe.

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Can you say “dolla dolla bills”? We want you to look unique. But we also want you to reach your goals. Which is why our templates were designed to, not only look good, but strategically capture your audience’s attention and communicate your value. 

no photoshop needed.

Every part of your new template can be customized from your Showit account with just a few clicks.

wordpress blog.

Your new template comes complete with a built-in WordPress blog design, which can be customized directly from your Showit account.

seo made easy.

Our templates are optimized for search engines and your SEO details can easily be added for each page with a single click.

no design skill required.

Just because you’re not a designer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a designer-level site. Every template purchase includes membership to The Lab (COMING SOON!) where you can access educational resources on making your template look unique & on brand.

install in seconds.

Install your new template in seconds by simply copying and pasting the Share Key you receive immediately after purchase into your Showit account. That’s it!

template support.

Get help when you need it directly from your Showit account.

mobile friendly.

Our templates were designed to look good, no matter the screen size.

no coding required.

Showit’s drag-n-drop interface allows you to make ANY changes your heart desires without any code.

template features.

we guess these things are important too...

setting up your showit site 101.

A quick & dirty crash course for the creative, non-designer on setting up your Showit website in 3 simple steps - get instant access to the free video series.