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The Best Stock Photo Resources

If you’re a blogger, designer, or business owner, the need for beautiful, high quality photos is nothing new and the search for the best stock photo resources is never ending.

A blog post about the best stock photo resources

I constantly need stock images for client projects, personal blog posts or social media announcements.

So today, I’ve rounded up some of the best stock photo resources out there to give you a hand with your stock photo needs.

1. Death to the Stock Photo

One of the best stock photo resources, this is a stock photo example image of three different coffee makers

This is BY FAR my favorite and most used stock photo resource. You can sign-up for a FREE monthly subscription and a photo pack will be delivered to your inbox monthly. The photos are beautiful, unique and modern, making this one of the best stock photo resources I use. If you are a designer, you can also subscribe for a Premium account (15/mo), giving you access to their entire photo database. They update their database quite frequently, making this my favorite, go-to place for stock photos.

Find the best stock photo resources in this informative blog post


2. Jay Mantri

One of the best stock photo recourses, an example stock photo image of pillows and blankets

Jay Mantri is another great, FREE option for stock photos. There is less variety with this site, however, there is no sign-up or subscription required. This site is perfect for someone looking for beautiful landscapes, cityscapes or organic patterns. I love how unique the photos on this site are and believe it’s one of the best stock photo resources out there.

3. Unsplash

One of the best stock photo resources, this is an example of a stock photo of the beach

Unsplash is another phenomenal stock photo option! They have the option for a free monthly email subscription or to simply download images from their site. At Unsplash, you’ll find great photos of people, the outdoors and unique takes on nature. These images would work great for more personal blog posts.

4. Magdeleine

One of the best stock photo resources, an example of a stock photo of a telescope

This website updates a little less frequently than the others, but still offers great, non-traditional stock photos for FREE. There is no subscription required for these photos and they can simply be downloaded from their website for use. I like this site because it gives you the ability to sort photos by subject. This makes it easier to find a potential photo without having to wade through their entire database.

5. Create Her

One of the best stock photo resources, an example of a stock photo of a computer and clipboard

Create Her offers a photo database that would cater to someone looking for more lifestyle/office type stock photos. You will be asked to sign-up with your email address before given to access the photo library.

6. Stocksy

One of the best stock photo resources, an example of a stock photo image

This is the only stock photo resources I’m mentioning that does not have a free photo library. However, I couldn’t not mention this site, as I use them ALL THE TIME for websites and client projects. Sometimes, you just need a really good, non-traditional, beautiful stock photo for a larger client project. And this will be your new go-to place. The photos are a little on the expensive side, but are truly one of a kind. They do have great sales so keep an eye out for frequent price drops!

Finding great stock photos can be so stressful. You want to have the perfect image for your post or project, but it’s unrealistic to take all your images yourself. These sites make it easy and affordable to create quality, eye catching content for all your graphic and imagery needs!


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